Bruce Riegel

Dr. Bruce Riegel is the Maryland State Department of Education’s (MSDE) Lead Specialist for Gifted and Talented Education, advising on talent identification and development, program development, gifted education, and the social and emotional needs of the gifted. Originally hired by MSDE as a Professional Learning Specialist and Grant Project Co-director under Race-to-the-Top, he is also currently the Jacob Javits Grant and Project Directors, co-architect of Javits GT Discover web platform/portal, facilitator of the new statewide LSS Peer-Review Process, helped develop and pass new updates to the State’s GT Regulations, and is working to move Maryland’s gifted and talented education to the forefront of the nation. Dr. Riegel has been both an Executive Board member and Secretary of the Council of State Director of Programs for the Gifted (CSDPG) where he is currently an Ex-Officio Board member and representative to the CEC-TAG Board. He has been a teacher, administrator, and GT Resource Specialist for 40+ years, has directed both the Maryland Science Center’s elementary Turn-on-to-Science (TOTS) and high school Science Seminars Programs, was Director of the MSDE Maryland Summer Centers for Gifted and Talented Students, and coached a local high school “It’s Academic” (regional TV show) team.

Bruce taught Anatomy and Physiology, and other healthcare courses, in the state college nursing school. He helped develop the Teacher Academy of Maryland, providing college-level education courses to high school students as a bridge to an AA and then a BA/BS in education program. Bruce has a B.S. in Biology, M.Ed. in School Administration and Supervision, and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership. His dissertation was on growing gifted and talented education programs, impediments to their growth, and the causative factor of their decline. Living outside Baltimore since birth, Bruce shares his life with his wife that he met in high school, two daughters, son, and two dogs. He has presented at NAGC, CSDPG, MENSA, the U.S. Olympic Training Center, Maryland Conference on Gifted and Talented Education, World Council, ASCD, Learning Forward, Common Ground, and many others.

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