Wendy Behrens

DSC_1238fixWendy Behrens, M.A. Ed., is the Gifted and Talented Education Specialist for the Minnesota Department of Education, where she leads and advises educators, administrators, and parents. She provides technical assistance to and collaborates with institutions of higher education, educator networks, and others interested in promoting rigorous educational opportunities. Behrens also serves as Project Director for Project North Star, a 2015 Jacob Javits Grant awarded to the Minnesota Department of Education.

Prior to her service to the state, Behrens worked as a district gifted services coordinator and a consultant for the Science Museum of Minnesota. She presents frequently on the nature and needs of gifted learners, instructional strategies, comprehensive service design, and policies that support highly able learners. She has been an invited speaker in the United States, Middle East, Far East, and Europe. Behrens is President of the Council of State Directors of Programs for the Gifted and received the President’s award from NAGC in 2013. She is an elected US delegate to the World Council on Gifted and a member of NAGC Policy Task Force and advisory councils for the Center for Talent Development and Grayson School.

Behrens co-authored Prufrock Press and NAGC co-publications Exploring Critical Issues in Gifted Education: A Case Studies Approach (2013) and Differentiated Instruction for Gifted Learners: A Case Studies Approach (2016) with Christine L. Weber, Ph.D. and Cecelia Boswell, Ed.D.

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