Become a Member of the TAG Board

TAG offers the opportunity to elect members of the TAG board. This election will include president-elect and two members at large. October 31 will be the deadline for notifying  Julia Roberts (, chair of elections, of your interest. To submit your name for one of these positions, please send the position for which you would like to be considered, a photo, and a bio that could be printed online (200 word limit). Include your interest and involvement in TAG and gifted education.

General Responsibilities of Board Members

Responsibilities of all Board members are

  1. Attend the annual meeting(s) of the Board of Directors and the annual business meeting of the general membership. One of the meetings of the Board of Directors is usually held in the fall of the year. The other meeting and the annual business meeting are held during the annual CEC convention.
  2. Notify the president in the event of an absence. Forward a copy of any reports to be read and distributed at the meeting. Missing two consecutive Board meetings is cause for dismissal from the Board. When a Board member must be absent from a scheduled meeting, he or she may assign a proxy vote to another Board member. No Board member may hold more than one proxy vote for any meeting, and the president must be notified in advance of the meeting who holds the proxy.
  3. Contribute to the TAG Update newsletter, as appropriate.
  4. Accept ad hoc responsibilities, as appropriate.

Job Descriptions of Board Members

President (Two-Year Term)

1. Schedule and preside at the meetings of the Board of Directors and the annual business meeting of the general membership.
2. Appoint all standing committee chairpersons as necessary and serve as an ex officio member of all committees.
3. Appoint the members of the standing committees as necessary.
4. Provide information in a timely fashion to the Board of Directors concerning business and issues relevant to TAG.
5. Carry out, or cause to be carried out, any policy adopted by TAG.
6. Represent TAG as coordinator with other divisions or agencies either personally or by designating a representative.
7. Ensure that members are notified at least 30 days prior to meetings.
8. Provide an annual report to TAG and to CEC if requested.
9. Provide a means of communication for the entire membership of TAG.
10. Provide the CEC with a complete list of officers and committee chairs.
11. Provide a complete list to CEC of Representatives from TAG for the annual Representative Assembly.
12. Present a recommendation to the Board of Directors for Representatives to the CEC Assembly, webmaster, Diversity, Equity, and Access Committee chair, newsletter editor, and the Children and Youth Advocacy Network (CAN) coordinator. These nominations are presented to the membership through the election process.
13. Represent TAG at Interdivisional Caucus (IDC) and Summer Leadership Institute meetings either personally or by designating a representative.
14. Work with the treasurer to prepare a budget.
15. Arrange for an award of appreciation for the past president to be presented at the general business meeting of the membership.
16. Serve on the Nominations and Elections Committee.
17. Serve on the Publications Committee.
18. Prepare a report to be presented at each Board meeting.
19. Arrange for rooms and food, as appropriate, for TAG meetings.


President Elect (Two-Year Term)

1. Preside at meetings of the Board of Directors in the absence of the president.
2. Plan TAG’s portion of the program for the annual CEC convention by
a. serving on the CEC Program Advisory Committee (PAC);
b. attending two PAC meetings annually (one during the annual convention and one during the summer);
c. receiving program proposals and coordinating the review process; and
d. working with PAC to ensure that the CEC convention incorporates multiple sessions of interest to the                                        membership of TAG.
3. Plan the symposium (if applicable).
4. Serve as a member of the Finance Committee.
5. Serve as a member of the Nominations and Elections Committee.
6. Attend the Interdivisional Caucus (IDC) meetings, if possible.
7. Prepare a report to be presented at each Board meeting.
8. Assist the president and perform other duties as may be assigned to the office.

Secretary (Two-Year Term)

1. Keep a careful record of the proceedings of each meeting.
2. Distribute the minutes of each meeting, including reports, no later than six weeks following the meeting. Follow-up actions are to be highlighted.
3. Carry on the correspondence of TAG as requested by the president and the Board.
4. Collect and organize annually the following materials for the archive:
a. committee reports,
b. reports to CEC,
c. issues of TAG publications,
d. minutes of Board meetings and the annual business meeting,
e. recipients of awards, and
f. lists of Board members.
5. Update Policy Handbook following Board action and distribute copies to Board members.
6. Transfer all records to the new secretary 30 days after the beginning of the term.

Treasurer (Three-Year Term)

1. Serve as chairperson of the Finance Committee to prepare a proposed budget for submission to the Board.
2. Open and maintain a checking account and any other accounts as directed by the Board. All accounts must have two signatories, the treasurer and the president or another Board member.
3. Receive all funds belonging to TAG that do not automatically go through the accounting office of CEC.
4. Receive monthly dues checks from CEC.
5. Check the monthly statements from CEC carefully and debit the expenditures against the appropriate line item.
6. Pay out funds on order of the Board.
7. Maintain an accounting of all receipts and expenditures.
8. Present an up-to-date account of all funds for the approval of the Board at each meeting and as may be directed by the Board.
9. Prepare a report at the end of the fiscal year (i.e., January 1–December 31) to be distributed at the Board meeting held during the CEC conference in the spring.
10. Hire a certified public accountant with expertise in 501(c)(3) tax law who will file the necessary annual tax return forms with the IRS. The tax return must be filed by the 15th day of the 5th month after the end of the fiscal year.
11. Arrange for an independent agency, or request that the president appoint an ad hoc committee of the board, to review the books prior to turning them over to a new treasurer.
12. Transfer the checking account funds to the new treasurer within 45 days of the new term.
13. Prepare a complete accounting for the incoming treasurer within 90 days.

Members at Large (Two-Year Term)

1. Represent the membership in the decision-making process of the Board.
2. Provide leadership roles as designated by the Board or the president.
3. Prepare a report to be presented at each Board meeting as appropriate.

Webmaster (Two-Year Term)

1. Maintain and update the website for TAG.
2. Provide information to the Board related to technology opportunities.
3. Prepare a report to be presented at each Board meeting.
4. Coordinate the TAG elections by posting the ballot and reporting the results to the past president.

Diversity, Equity, and Access Committee Chair (Two-Year Term)

1. Advocate for children and youth with gifts, talents, and/or high potential from underrepresented minority or underserved populations to gain equitable access to gifted and advanced educational services.
2. Represent TAG at CEC meetings focusing on diversity, equity, and access.
3. Serve on the Awards Committee and coordinate the Diversity Award for Educators.
4. Prepare a report to be presented at each Board meeting.

Children and Youth Advocacy Network (CAN) Coordinator (Two-Year Term)

1. Represent TAG at the annual CEC CAN workshop.
2. Serve as a communication link between the CEC Public Policy Unit, the Board members, and TAG members.
3. Disseminate pertinent federal legislative information to the CAN network and TAG.
4. Carry out other advocacy duties as assigned by the president.
5. Prepare a report to be presented at each Board meeting.

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