CEC-TAG Conference Events and Sessions

We hope that you are planning to join us at the CEC National Convention in Tampa. Specific sessions are listed below by date and time. Note the TAG Business Meeting and 60th Anniversary Celebration on Thursday. We’d love to see you there!

Wednesday, February 7th
8:30 – TAG Board Meeting

Thursday, February 8th
11:00 – Session: Instructional Needs of Gifted and Talented Students
1:00 – Poster: Instructional Strategies for Improving Learning Outcomes for 2E Students
2:15 – TAG Showcase: Perspectives on Meeting the Needs of Twice-Exceptional (2E) Students
3:30 – Poster : Using Apps to Support Students Identified as Twice Exceptional
5:00 – TAG Business Meeting and 60th Anniversary Celebration

Friday, February 9th
9:45 – Session: Professional Development for Teachers of Gifted and Talented Students
1:30 – Session: Policies to Support Gifted and Talented Students
2:45 – Poster: A Partnership for Promoting Potential in Gifted Low-Income Students
4:00 – Poster: How Universities are Preparing Pre-Service Teachers to Work with 2E Students

Saturday, February 10th
10:30 – Session: Children with Gifts and Talents: A Category of Exceptional Children
1:00 – Poster: Understanding the Implementation of 2E Professional Development in Colorado
1:00 – Session: What the Research Says about Gifted and Talented English Language Learners
2:15 – Session: Implementing Successful Behavior Interventions with Gifted Students

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