Meet the Candidates

A very special thank you goes to the following members for their service and dedication as they complete their terms December 31, 2018:

Tracy Cross (President)

Lynette Breedlove (President Elect)

Julia Roberts (Past President)

Debbie Dailey (Secretary)

Ken Dickson (CAN Coordinator)

Tracy Inman (Webmaster)

Mary Cay Ricci (Members-at-Large and Representative Assembly)

Kianga Thomas and Debbie Troxclair (Members-at-Large)

Patty Rendon (Co-Chair of Diversity, Equity, and Access Committee)

Wendy Behrens (State Director Representative)


The following people have come forward to run for those positions. Please read their biographies and statements carefully. Election ballots will be emailed October 29. Members have until November 8 at midnight (central time) to vote.

Candidates for Elected Positions

President Elect (2019-2020)

Debbie Dailey is an Assistant Professor at the University of Central Arkansas where she is the Coordinator for the Gifted and Talented Program and director of a summer camp for talented youth, STEMulate Engineering Academy. Prior to moving to higher education, she was a high school science teacher and gifted education teacher for twenty years. Debbie currently serves as the secretary for CEC-TAG and is the Chair-Elect for the NAGC STEM network.

As secretary of CEC-TAG for the past four years, I have been blessed to work with exceptional people in our efforts to support gifted students and educators. I hope to continue my service with CEC-TAG as I seek election as President-Elect. If elected to this position, I will work to ensure our focus is maintained on promoting excellent educational opportunities for all children with gifts and talents, especially those from diverse and twice-exceptional populations. Through advocacy and the development and revision of professional standards, CEC-TAG will continue to promote the needs of students with exceptionalities and be a voice for diverse students. With an upcoming task of revising standards and working with CEC on CAEP Specialized Professional Association (SPA) reviews, it is vital that we continue to strengthen our commitment to gifted education and TAG. To improve our organizational effectiveness and increase membership, it will be necessary to adhere to our new Strategic Plan. If elected, I will make this a priority in addition to increasing benefits for TAG members. As an educator of 30 years in both K-12 and higher education, I would be honored to continue my service to CEC-TAG as President-Elect.


Glorry Yeung is an advocate for gifted, a doctoral student, a home maker, a father of a gifted son, and husband to a profoundly gifted partner. He received a BS in Finance with a minor in banking. For over 20 years, he worked in private industry and had the pleasure of serving on various board of directors of privately held companies. Additional exposures include serving on the boards of non-profit organizations.

The US narrative on gifted education continues to inform gifted educational developments globally. Despite our dogmatic dissonance, generations of gifted learners around the world have been and continue to be impacted by broad implementation of pedagogy, curriculum, and policies grounded in our philosophical underpinnings on giftedness in their local school contexts.

I am a gifted person. This was an attribute that I discovered rather accidentally in my early thirties and led to an understanding of self beyond any other life events that I had experienced. It is my sincerest hope that I can contribute to the gifted population by helping with driving actions that will add currency to our cause.

Many, if not all, of the esteemed ladies and gentlemen who have served on the Board of TAG possess expansive knowledge and expertise in a field in which I am but a laity. What I lack in technical knowhow may be compensated by my passion, my personal experiences, the experiences of my family, and richness of those gifted individuals I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with over the years.

As an inside “outsider”, I will serve and contribute from experiences garnered to our cause célèbre. Thank you.

Secretary (2019-2020)

Wendy A. Behrens is the Gifted Education Specialist for the Minnesota Department of Education and Director of Project North Star, a Javits Grant. Previously she worked as a district gifted services coordinator and consultant for the Science Museum of Minnesota. She is a past-president of the Council of State Directors of Programs for the Gifted and a delegate to the World Council on Gifted. She is an active member of NAGC and author of several publications.

I have been a CEC-TAG board member representing the Council of State Directors of Programs for the Gifted for the past two years. I have actively participated in board meetings, committee work, and supported the TAG strategic plan. I would like to serve as secretary and share my expertise within the field of gifted education and as a board member. I currently serve as the Director of Gifted Education for the State of Minnesota.

My volunteer resume includes board service and committee appointments to a variety of organizations including but not limited it the Council of State Directors of Programs for the Gifted, The World Council for Gifted Education and the National Association for Gifted Children – Awards, Election, Development and Executive Search committees, appointments to the advisory boards for the Center for Talent Development at Northwestern University, Grayson School and University of St. Thomas.  Within my community I have served as President of the American Association for University Women, Chair of the Library Board and been appointed a Sister Cities Commissioner. Each experience has contributed to my ability to serve as an effective board member.

I believe this is an exciting time for CEC-TAG – one in which we can strengthen our impact on the field of education by increasing our publications and the review of programs that help to prepare educators to meet the unique needs of gifted, talented and creative students.

I appreciate your consideration and vote for the CEC-TAG Secretary.

Division Representative to the CEC Representative Assembly (2019-2021)

Debra A. Troxclair ,Ph.D., Associate Professor and Interim Chair/Teacher Education Department at Lamar University, has 20 years of experience teaching at the elementary/middle school level. She has prepared teachers of the gifted at the university level in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Texas.  She has supervised summer programs for gifted children and has publications, In addition to CEC/TAG, she has been an active member of several professional national and international organizations in the field of gifted education.

Advocacy for gifted learners and gifted education, the top priority of my research and service agendas, aligns perfectly with the goals of CEC-TAG. In my role as a university faculty member, I strive to inform parents, professors, and other educational practioners of the need to improve educational opportunities for gifted individuals from all diverse groups by

  • presenting sessions for parents and practioners at various conferences in the field of gifted education
  • conducting research with pre-service teachers and other educational practitioners to reduce/eliminate their beliefs in societal myths about gifted learners
  • developing modules for undergraduate courses to inform pre-service teachers about the nature and needs of the gifted children
  • identifying and forging relationships with those undergraduate students who have the dispositions to be excellent teachers of the gifted
  • serving on the Board of Directors for the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented

It has been a great honor to advocate for gifted learners and gifted education for the past two years as a member-at-large on the Board of Directors for CEC-TAG. Your consideration of me for the position of Representative Assembly for this group would provide me with an additional conduit for continued advocacy for gifted learners and their education.


Candidates for Ratified Positions

Children and Youth Advocacy Network (CAN) Coordinator (2019-2020)

Claire E. Hughes, Ph.D. is the Chair of Education and Teacher Preparation at the College of Coastal Georgia. Previously, she was Faculty Director of Special Needs and Inclusion at Canterbury Christ Church University in England, and a Fulbright Scholar to Greece.  She is Past-Chair of the Special Populations Network of NAGC and has been active on the boards of CEC-TAG and CEC-TED (Teacher Education Division).  Her research areas include: twice-exceptional children and international special education.

There is a phrase that “Successful advocacy is the difference between having someone in your corner and being cornered”.  The TAG-CAN Coordinator is the voice of gifted education that must be heard among many other areas of specialty at the Children and Youth Advocacy Network.  It is critically important that Gifted Education be “at the table” in policy discussions and collaborate and communicate with other divisions as CEC weighs in on governmental regulations and policies.  With a deep background in both special education and gifted education, and experience as a teacher, university faculty, an author, and an administrator of international education programs, I understand the assumptions and beliefs of those from diverse educational backgrounds in order to better communicate with them the needs of gifted children.  With elections changing legislative landscapes, organizations look to CEC to provide guidance for federal, state, and local policy development. TAG has an opportunity to impact those policies and laws to include the needs of gifted children. I have long been passionate about the need for gifted education that recognizes the abilities of children from diverse backgrounds and/or with exceptional needs and I would value the opportunity to represent TAG in this advocacy effort.

Public Relations Coordinator (2019-2020)

This is Michelle Buchanan’s 20th year as an educator (MAT, NBCT, GEC2). Prior to teaching in higher education, she taught secondary science and gifted for 14 years where she earned many national awards. Buchanan is a 3rd year Ph.D. candidate focusing on leadership and gifted teacher education. Current research includes preservice candidates using maker pedagogy in SpEd classroom, faculty perceptions/experiences providing accommodations to online students with disabilities, and secondary science teachers implementing NGSS’ three-dimensional learning.

Throughout my 20 years of teaching, I have been an advocate for students, specifically
students with special needs including twice exceptional students. I bring personal experience to my advocacy. I am hearing impaired; I’ve worn hearing aids since the sixth grade. On many occasions, teachers limited me because of my disability. Because of my experience as a special needs student, one focus of my educational career is improving educational opportunities for all students. I advocate for professional development and resources for my colleagues, such as promoting workshops offered at the university. I also share personal challenges with my teacher candidates and encourage their attendance at professional development opportunities when available.

It would be my honor to serve CEC-TAG as Public Relations Coordinator by representing TAG on all communication and public relations matters. I am the STEMteach science program coordinator; I know the importance of maintaining a website and social media that effectively communicate program values and efforts. As the Public Relations Coordinator for CEC-TAG, I will continue the commitment to gifted education and TAG.

Standards and Accreditation Coordinator (2019-2021)

Julia Link Roberts is the Mahurin Professor of Gifted Studies at Western Kentucky University (WKU) and the Executive Director of The Center for Gifted Studies at WKU and The Carol Martin Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science in Kentucky. Currently, she is president of the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children. She is Chair of the Kentucky Advisory Council for Gifted Education, a member of the board of the Kentucky Association for Gifted Education, and the immediate Past-President of The Association for the Gifted, a division of the Council for Exceptional Children. Dr. Roberts has authored or coauthored seven books and makes presentations on advocacy, differentiation, and other topics related to gifted education.

I have been honored to be the coordinator of Standards and Accreditation in TAG as the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) assumed responsibilities for the Gifted Education Specialized Professional Association (SPA). I have enjoyed my experience working with the staff of the Council for Exceptional Children during the transition of leadership for accreditation from NAGC to CEC, and I look forward to seeing that TAG has a major role to play in CEC moving forward.  I have been involved with accreditation as a reviewer and auditor for SPA reports for National Recognition since the first universities submitted applications for national recognition in gifted education when NAGC had the responsibility for the SPA reviews. I have been on accreditation teams for NCATE (prior to CAEP). Standards for teachers will be a major leadership responsibility in the future.

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