Be a Part of the CEC-TAG Board

Make a difference in the lives of gifted learners: run for an office on the CEC-TAG board. Opportunities include two positions that are elected and one position that is appointed. You must be a member of TAG to serve. Please let us know if you are interested in any of the three board positions.

Please submit a 200-word statement, 75-word biography, and photo by October 31st to

All board members have these responsibilities:
1. Attend the annual meeting(s) of the Board of Directors and the annual business meeting of the general membership. One of the meetings of the Board of Directors is usually held in the fall of the year. The other meeting and the annual business meeting are held during the annual CEC convention.
2. Notify the president in the event of an absence. Forward a copy of any reports to be read and distributed at the meeting. Missing two consecutive Board meetings is cause for dismissal from the Board. When a Board member must be absent from a scheduled meeting, he or she may assign a proxy vote to another Board member. No Board member may hold more than one proxy vote for any meeting, and the president must be notified in advance of the meeting who holds the proxy.
3. Contribute to the TAG Update newsletter, as appropriate.
4. Accept ad hoc responsibilities, as appropriate.


These positions are open for election:

Representative  to the CEC Assembly: Three-Year Term (2018-2020)

  • Serve as the voice of TAG and represent the Board at CEC meetings.
  • Serve as a Representative from TAG to the annual CEC Representative Assembly.
  • Attend all annual Representative Assembly (RA) meetings.
  • Prepare reports for TAG on relevant CEC business and issues.

Member at Large: Two-Year Term (2018-2019)

  • Represent the membership in the decision-making process of the Board.
  • Provide leadership roles as designated by the Board or the president.
  • Prepare a report to be presented at each Board meeting as appropriate.


This position is open for appointment:

Newsletter Editor: Three-Year Term (2018-2020)

  • Plan, supervise, and issue a minimum of four newsletters to the general membership as per the publication schedule presented to and approved by the Board.
  • Propose contributions for the newsletter to the Board.
  • Serve on the Publications Committee.
  • Prepare a report to be presented at each Board meeting.

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