In order to promote the welfare and education of children and youth with gifts, talents, and/or high potential, The Association for the Gifted, a division of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC-TAG), provides the following resources.

A Critical Call to Action: Supporint Equity, Diversity, and Access for Gifted Students

This resource presents key data points, recommendations, resources to learn more, and research references in each of the six action areas. Developing the strengths of all gifted and talented and high ability learners requires purposeful actions by all stakeholders to ensure a bright future for our nation and our world.

CEC-TAG Expert Speaker Series

CEC-TAG Board Members and Leaders are available to speak at your next event for a significant discount off their normal honorarium.

The National Twice-Exceptional Community of Practice (2e CoP)

GT Discover is a website offering resources, learning opportunities and seeks to build community seeking to identify and serve more gifted and talented students, especially those who are historically underrepresented.

GT Discover

Twice-exceptional individuals evidence exceptional ability and disability, which results in a unique set of circumstances.

Excellence and Diversity Gifted Education (EDGE)

This innovative journal will provide a wealth of information about diversity and gifted children.

TAG Books
The CEC-TAG Educational Resource series, published through Prufrock Press, addresses issues pertinent to gifted children including Response to Intervention, curriculum and program practices for underserved gifted students, and diversity. All proceeds from these books benefit CEC-TAG.

TAG Updates
This newsletter for CEC-TAG, published four times a year, provides a wealth of information for members: pertinent articles on critical issues, legislative alerts and updates, workshop and conference information, excerpts of books, reviews of new resources, and more. The issues will be posted to the members-only page. If interested in joining CEC-TAG, please see membership.

A Critical Call to Action: Supporting Equity, Diversity, and Access for Gifted Students
The need for a national call to action about diversity and developing gifts and talents derived from the continuing and significant underrepresentation of specific groups receiving educational services for the gifted and talented. This call to action from CEC-TAG requires thinking in terms of a more global system involving educators, families, communities, and businesses joining together to educate children at the edge of their ability. The home, the community, and the school are all places where children learn and may be encouraged to grow. Diversity and Developing Talents proposes action in four areas: preparing school personnel, ensuring equitable curriculum and learning environments, finding giftedness, and including diversity in research.

Journal for the Education of the Gifted Articles
The official publication of CEC-TAG, Journal for the Education of the Gifted offers information and research on the educational and psychological needs of gifted and talented children. Devoted to excellence in educational research and scholarship, the journal acts as a forum for diverse ideas and points of view on gifted education, counseling, and parenting. As an internationally distributed journal committed to the analysis and communication of knowledge and research on gifted children, the publication acts as a highly respected voice for those involved with gifted and talented children.

ERIC Digests Articles on Gifted and Talented
Education Resources Information Center (ERIC) Digests are short education articles and reports produced by the ERIC Clearinghouse system, now defunct. Part of the public domain, these articles provide an overview of pertinent issues in gifted education and provide references.

Position Statements
CEC-TAG issues formal statements and calls to action on certain issues pertaining to the education of children who are gifted and talented: diversity, growth models, inclusion, and Response to Intervention. Each has been approved by the CEC-TAG Board.

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