TAG in Puerto Rico

Gifted students and students with high cognitive capability who also have special needs face challenges everywhere. The CEC-TAG Board will present at a symposium on innovative topics for gifted twice exceptional (2e) students.

Click here for registration information in English. Haga clic aquí para información de registro en español.

Presentation topics include:

  • Can You See Me? Finding the Twice Exceptional Among Us – Wendy Behrens
  • Keys to Understanding Giftedness – Lynette Breedlove
  • Twice-Exceptional Children: Challenges and Strategies – Julia Roberts
  • Learn What Behavioral Specialists Know:  Functional Behavioral Assessment – Yara Farah
  • Providing for the Positive Psychological Development of Students with Gifts and Talents -Tracy Cross
  • Parenting Gifted and 2e Children – Tracy Inman
  • Design Thinking and Design Methodology: Using a Solutions-Based
  • Approach to Self-Care for Parents – An Almquist
  • GT/ADHD: If I’m so smart, why do I ____? – Debbie Troxclair
  • Understanding and working with the 2e child with Autism- Claire Hughes
  • “Double Differentiation” for 2e Students: Integrating special education and gifted education – Claire Hughes
  • Using Bloom’s Taxonomy to Turn a Lesson Plan into a Differentiated – Tracy Inman
  • The Dark Side of Being Gifted – Tracy Cross
  • Six Thinking Hats: Creative and Critical Thinking – Kim Hardin
  • Using Functional Behavior Assessment to Create a Positive Learning Environment for All – Yara Farah
  • Leadership for Gifted Programs: Development, Implementation, and Enhancement- Ken Dickson
  • Engaging Gifted Learners in Real-World Problem Solving – Michelle Buchanan and Debbie Dailey
  • My experience as a 2e person – Carlos Cobian
  • The Importance of Challenge – Tracy Inman
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