TAG in Puerto Rico

Gifted students or with high cognitive capability who also have special needs face challenges everywhere. The CEC-TAG Board will present at a symposium on several topics that focus on innovative topics on gifted twice exceptional (2e) students.

Click here for the English media guide. Click here for the Spanish media guide.

Presentation topics include:

  • Can You See Me? Finding the Twice Exceptional Among Us – Wendy Behrens
  • Keys to Understanding Giftedness – Lynette Breedlove
  • Twice-Exceptional Children: Challenges and Strategies – Julia Roberts
  • Learn What Behavioral Specialists Know:  Functional Behavioral Assessment – Yara Farah
  • Providing for the Positive Psychological Development of Students with Gifts and Talents -Tracy Cross
  • Parenting Gifted and 2e children – Tracy Inman
  • Design Thinking and Design Methodology: Using a Solutions-Based Approach to Self-Care for Parents – An Almquist
  • GT/ADHD: If I’m so smart, why do I ____? – Debbie Troxclair
  • Understanding and working with the 2e child with Autism- Claire Hughes
  • “Double Differentiation” for 2e students: Integrating special education and gifted education – Claire Hughes
  • Using Bloom’s Taxonomy to Turn a Lesson Plan into a Differentiated – Tracy Inman
  • The Dark Side of Being Gifted – Tracy Cross
  • Six Thinking Hats: Creative and Critical Thinking – Kim Hardin
  • Using Functional Behavior Assessment to Create a Positive Learning Environment for All – Yara Farah
  • Leadership for Gifted Programs: Development, Implementation, and Enhancement- Ken Dickson
  • Engaging Gifted Learners in Real-World Problem Solving – Michelle Buchanan and Debbie Dailey
  • My experience as a 2e person – Carlos Cobian
  • The Importance of Challenge – Tracy Inman

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