ERIC Digests on Gifted and Talented

E522: ADHD and Children Who Are Gifted (1993)
E513: Challenging Gifted Students in the Regular Classroom (1992)
E607: Cluster Grouping of Gifted Students: How to Provide Full-Time Services on a Part-Time Budget:
Update (2001)

E490: College Planning for Gifted and Talented Youth (1990)
E612: Creative Strategies for Teaching Language Arts to Gifted Students (K-8) (2001)
E502: Developing Programs for Students of High Ability (1991)
E536: Differentiating Instruction for Advanced Learners in the Mixed-Ability Middle School Classroom

E640: Differentiating the Language Arts for High Ability Learners, K-8 (2003)
E491: Discovering Interests and Talents through Summer Experiences (1990)
E482: Discovering Mathematical Talent (1990)
E574: Dual Exceptionalities (1999)
E479: Gifted but Learning Disabled: A Puzzling Paradox (1990)
E535: Gifted Learners and the Middle School: Problem or Promise (1995)
E476: Giftedness and the Gifted: What’s It All About? (1990)
E481: Guiding the Gifted Reader (1990)
E489: Helping Adolescents Adjust to Giftedness(1990)
E488: Helping Gifted Students with Stress (1990)
E477: Helping Your Highly Gifted Child (1990)
E543: Homeschooling Gifted Students: An Introductory Guide for Parents (1997)
E515: How Parents Can Support Gifted Children(1992)
E644: The Identification of Students Who Are Gifted (2003)
E520: Identifying and Serving Recent Immigrant Children Who Are Gifted (1993)
E601: Infusing Multicultural Content into the Curriculum for Gifted Students (2000)
E631: Integrating Arts into the Curriculum for Gifted Students (2002)
E541: Know Your Legal Rights in Gifted Education(1997)
E480: Meeting the Needs of Gifted and Talented Minority Language Students (1990)
E487: Nurturing Giftedness in Young Children (1990)
E527: Nurturing Social/Emotional Development of Gifted Students (1994)
E546: Planning Science Programs for High-Ability Learners (1998)
E524: Providing Curriculum Alternatives to Motivate Gifted Students (1994)
E542: Public Relations: A Necessary Tool for Advocacy in Gifted Education (1997)
E526: Should Gifted Students be Grade-Advanced? (1994)
E610: Talent Development in Gifted Education (2001)
E595: Teaching Young Gifted Children in the Regular Classroom (2000)
E594: Teaching Mathematics to Gifted Students in a Mixed-Ability Classroom (2000)
E544: Underachievement Among Gifted Minority Students: Problems and Promises (1997)
E649: Gifted Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (2003)

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